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Easy-Load Boat Launching Wheels Set


For Inflatable Boat and Aluminum Boat, 2 Height Positions, 12″ Pneumatic Wheels


Seamax Easy Load Boat Launching Wheels Set is designed by Seamax Canada, made with the hardest marine grade T6 aluminum alloy with CNC processing. Shiny looking anodized coating on all aluminum parts, Product is good for saltwater using; Small parts are all made by solid stainless steel. Lab 1000 LBS tested, support MAX 500 LBS loading in all conditions, good for inflatable boats, aluminum boats, and fiberglass boats.

This system is designed for boats with transom, the length of the boat should not exceed 16 FT and the total weight is within 500 LBS. These transom wheels should only be installed by an adult with some experience in working with tools. To install the wheelset properly, first drill 4 holes (5/16”) in the transom for the mounting. Additional reinforcement may be required on some aluminum transom. And you can use marine sealant and suggested Sikaflex 291 or 3M 5200.

Benefit from its new Push Button design and 3-stages wheel arm, the system can be adjusted while afloat in the boat leaving or coming into dock. It can also bring different performance positions for boat launching. The wheel arm length increment is 2.5” per stage, plus the wheel’s diameter, the range of length is 22 – 28 inches.

Tire inflation: Dolly tires may not be fully inflated when shipping; please only give 15 – 20 PSI pressure at room temperature before using. Best to use portable type digital air pump in case of tire over-inflated. Tire over inflated will cause damage and the warranty is not covered. Dual wheel kit is available for this dolly for heavy loading application.

Our new tires are now 12” in diameter and about 4” wide. They are made of 4 plies reinforced vehicle grade natural rubber which holds up well against UV rays, heat and saltwater for up to ten years. To prevent air loss, we use an advanced butyl inner tube for our wheels with an “L” style cooper air valve. The rim is made of reinforced nylon with a 1” diameter hole for the axle with NO bearing as this product is made for marine use. These high-quality marine-grade tires and rims will last you for many years of trouble-free use.

Maintenance: Wash by freshwater after using it from saltwater or sandy beach. Check tire pressure before every use. Don’t store the wheels under the sun or beside the heat to maximize its lifetime. Take the wheel arm off from the transom bracket when storing your boat. Lube the spring load dolly system is necessary. Keep the lock pin on the dolly bracket. Manufacturer 2 years Parts Limited Warranty within USA & Canada. 30 days free replacement on any defective transom wheelsets.


These wheels have 2+1 adjustment positions for length base on the wheel arm end rotation position upper or lower. to remove the leg assembly from the bracket, simply push the stainless steel locking button and then the rotation button to release.

The wheels must face towards the boat tubes and be as far apart as possible (it brings more stability when moving the boat around) and clear the boat tubes by about one inch so they don’t rub against the tubes when being raised or lowered. The wheels must also clear from the bottom of the boat by about one inch when placed in their lowered position.

Once you have determined the mounting positions for the brackets which should be straight up and down on the transom and about 6-8 inches up from the bottom of the bracket to the bottom of the boat. Mark where to drill the 5/16” holes (drill bit not included). This is best done by separating the leg assembly from the bracket. Double-check everything again before drilling any holes! Holes and transom must be vertical.

Use the supplied washers and lock nuts on the bolts on the inside of the transom to secure the brackets to the transom and then cap them with the supplied acorn nuts to protect your boat when rolled up.

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