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Air Valve with Sikaflex 291i Sealant Reinforement Package


For Inflatable Boats

Product Key Features

Air Valve & Air Tight Reinforced Package:

– Halkey-Roberts type or Bravo type Air Valve for one set for Seamax inflatable boats in selected model years. This air valve cannot be compatible to all made or all Seamax models.

– Sikaflex 291i marine sealant.3.5oz tune Unipack. When apply only the Sikaflex 291i (5-10g) on the thread surface of the valve before screw in. It can help the air valve to get perfect air tight but won’t stick the valve parts together. Air valve can be opened again for service in the future.

General Instruction of Skiaflex 291i (100g pack):

Professional grade marine adhesive/sealant used by boat builders and yards to bond and bed boat components structurally. Fast strength build-up overnight. Use above and below the waterline. Comes with nozzle. All purpose adhesive sealant, bond to hull and structural members. Bedding compound, light bonding, fast-cure polyurethane sealant.

If a partial unipack remains, you can simply squeeze the air out of the tube using the included tool, thereby extending the shelf life of opened product. Includes application nozzle and dispensing/storage tool

If you can’t not find your valve tool or it was broken, you can use a Jaw Pliers to open your valve.

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