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Drain Valve, 3 Styles: Oval, Hexagon, Pull-Up


For 1-1/2″ Thick Transom

Product Key Features

Available Style: Oval Shape, Hexagon Shape, Pull-Up, Transom Thickness: 1-1/2″

This order includes: Drain valve x 1; Sikaflex 291i marine sealant.3.5oz tube pack x 1.

General Instruction of Drain Valve Replacement

1) Remove the old drain valve, check the drain valve hole on the transom, make sure the new drain valve can match the hole dimensions. Clear up all the dirt from the hole, If water in the drain hole, wash it again and leave it dry in the air. Make sure all condition good before start to install the new drain valve.

2) Use the Skiaflex 291i on the drain hole surface about 1mm thickness (5-15g), wear a glove and use a finger to push the sealant fully coated at the drain hole. wait 30-60 minutes to let the new sealant coating staying well before put the new drain valve in.

3) Apply the Sikaflex 291i (5g) on the valve – transom contact surface before install. It can help the valve to get perfect water tight.

4) Many inflatable boats are with plywood transom and they use wrong sealant in the factory, the waterproof coating need to be refinished since time being. Boat’s old drain valve may have already caused some water leaking and water damage the transom. so this Skiaflex sealant will help your job finished perfectly.

General Instruction of Skiaflex 291i (100g pack):

Professional grade marine adhesive/sealant used by boat builders and yards to bond and bed boat components structurally. Fast strength build-up overnight. Use above and below the waterline. Comes with nozzle. All purpose adhesive sealant, bond to hull and structural members. Bedding compound, light bonding, fast-cure polyurethane sealant.

If a partial unipack remains, you can simply squeeze the air out of the tube using the included tool, thereby extending the shelf life of opened product. Includes application nozzle and dispensing/storage tool

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