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Bravo 9 Double Chamber High Volume and High Pressure


14.5 PSI Foot Pump for Inflatables

The Bravo 9 Double chamber foot pump is one of the best foot pumps with larger Litreage out of the entire range.

Product Key Features


Made from nylon reinforced fibreglass
Double chamber system allowing for either high volume, low pressure (6.5L, 4.4 psi) 0.3 bar or low volume, high pressure (1.6L, 14.5 psi) 1 bar air-flow
Comes with a crush resistant hose, universal hose and 7 valve adaptors
Hose length: 1.5m
14.5 PSI max


Halkey Roberts Universal Connector for inflatable Boat

Kay Gee Inflatable Boats
Europa Canopy & Marine
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