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Size E Bimini Top for 16-20ft Boats, 4 Bow Style, Width 77″


Fit Seamax  OCEAN500T,  New Portable Design, Come with Canopy Boot

Main Installation Width: 77 inches +/-  4 inches  For Inflatable Boat length: 15ft -19ft ; 4 Aluminum Bow & Gray Color Canopy

Installation Height of this Bimini: 55” ;  Canopy Size: L96” x W77” ; Including fiitings for Boat with Standard Oar Lock

Extra Parts for Installation ( Available from Seamax Soon):
Standard PVC Oar Lock (Black or Gray) & Glue for Non Oar Lock Boat, Bimini Top Seat Patch & Glue for Inflatable Boat Pontoon, Bimini Fitting Seat (Stainless Steel) for Bimini Patch or Solid Boat

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