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PVC Glue & Glue Hardener 250ML


100ML PVC Glue & Glue Hardener within 2 aluminum bottle;
Best for PVC Inflatable Boat Work & Repair & Long storing time.

Using Conditions:

For the best results when gluing, the relative humidity should be less than 60%, ambient air temperature should be between 18C to 25C (65 F to 77F) and not in direct sunlight. Clean the patching area on the boat as well as the contact side of the patch, best to be with M.E.K. (Methyl Ethel Ketone) patching solvent and cleaner. Keep solvent off skin. After applying the solvent, you will notice that the area will become tacky. This tackiness ensures good glue adhesion.

Note: Mix only before using, Keep out of reach of children

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