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We felt very secure with some very big waves

Hi Gerry,

I just thought I’d drop you a line and a picture of me enjoying time on my Seamax HD 380. I found a Yamaha 25hp 3 cylinder motor for it. I was hesitant at first due to the weight (about 140 lbs due to electric start and 3rd cylinder), but I have to say, the boat doesn’t squat and handles it very well. I saw no transom flex when I throttled it out.

I tested it for speed and topped out at 37 km/h (20 knots) with 3 people in it on Lesser Slave Lake.

As for handling the waves, we felt very secure with some very big waves early last week. The boat just rolls easily with them. My friend (elderly gent) who I bought my first HD with just loves it for the stability. He’s a big man at 6’3 and likely 250lbs, but he gets up to walk back and forth when fishing. His old boat would have seen him in the lake!

I’ve taken it on the Peace River 3 times and the family loves it. We did 26 km/r (14 knots) against the stream with a full load of six. It did 42 km/h (22.6 knots) with the current. I was very impressed.

I had a few people ask about the boat while at Slave Lake so I told them to check out

I’m trying to talk my Fire and Rescue group into buying the 470HD for the river here. We’re waiting on our Casino payout before we make a purchase, but I’ll keep pushing for the Seamax HD!

Just a note from a 3 time happy customer! (HD330 was great, but didn’t like the air floor as much, so had to sell it). Speaking of floors, any talk or thought on a plastic floor for reduced weight? It would be nice to through the boat on my roof rack without taking out the floor weight.

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