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Thanks for the great boat

Hi Gerry, this is Darryl from whitecourt. We took our boat yesterday for the first time, got a great way to tie the seats together, will take a photo later to show you. Winds picked up over 20 k with whitecaps over a foot and the boat handled perfectly, but the 9.8 won’t plain off, and goes about 12 kph with two of us, but handled well on every other test I performed. Also because the waves and wind were so strong and we were out having a blast, the fishery officers decided to check us to see if we were drunk or just crazy. After they decided we were fine and just having fun they said we were fine to continue. It seem like we were in no danger. It was a blast. Thanks for the great boat, and the pump worked perfectly also, takes about 5 minutes, really impressed.

Just thought you would like to know. ”
yours sincerely Darryl.

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