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Very impressed by how well the boat handled

Hi Gerry,

My son, Matt and I took the boat out on its maiden voyage last weekend (June 22). We went to Gull Lake and spent several hours in it, as we fished for the “big one”. We christened “Red October” with a catch of pike and walleye.

Both of us were very impressed by how well the boat handled, and it’s stability. If Rick would have been with us, I’m sure I would have been impressed by the fact it floated! We will check that out another day. We used a 5 hp Honda motor and it pushed the boat just fine. Can’t waterski with it, but for fishing purposes it was good. The rounded pontoons at the back of the boat make a tremendous difference to how well it moves through the water. The front doesn’t rise up and cause more resistance by pushing the bottom of the boat through the water. We couldn’t believe how easy and quick it was to assemble and inflate the boat. I think we did it inside of 20 minutes. The power compressor makes a world of difference, and was a great investment. Just as impressive, is the aluminum floor. The pieces slide in and snap into place a lot easier than a wood floor. I have done it with a wood floor, and while it is nice, I believe the wood probably swells with moisture and makes it more difficult to fit.

All in all, Gerry, we are very happy with the new boat, and give it very high ratings based on this initial outing. We will see what future voyages hold in store, and keep you posted. The real test for the boat (and especially the motor) is when my overweight First Mate takes the chair.


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