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Very happy with the Ocean Pro

Hi Gerry,
I just wanted to let you know that my Dad and I are very happy with the Ocean Pro we bought this summer. I went out to Prince Albert early September and we got the boat out a couple times with no problems.

My Dad received both packages with no issues and had the boat put together in no time at all. He managed to find a used boat trailer which he modified to fit the inflatable. He fabricated new bunks, moved the winch and installed a front rock guard and the trailer is working well. The boat is very easy to launch and load up with the wheel attachment (didn’t even need to back up into the water with one launch). The ropes and handles along with the wheel assembly allow my parents (who are in their late 70’s) to easily handle it even though the beefy Pro series is quite heavy.

We had some cavitation issues the first day with the 15Hp two stoke but with some adjustments to the trim and moving the weight around we seem to have taken care of that problem. We had the boat out on Weyakwin Lake one day and encountered some fairly large waves which were handled with no concerns (didn’t even get a drop of water on us when we hit the waves at full throttle). One thing is that the boat is rated for 8 people which I have no doubt it would handle the weight but I would think 3 with gear would be maximum just for space.

Thanks again.

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