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Our 330-HD is a show-stopper gem

Dear Gerry (Wood),

We are mostly retired and extensively researched our light-weight/portable/inflatable “dream” boat. After a month of searching, nothing answered all our requirements… that is, until we discovered you! Not only are you a Seamax dealer but you are the “exclusive” designer/dealer of the Seamax HD-series (which is almost a too well-kept secret!). You listened to our needs (likes/dislikes) and made sure we were buying for the right reasons. You are always personable, honest and available to discuss/trouble-shoot your product. Everything you explained/promised came to fruition.

We are more than delighted/satisfied with our 330HD-Seamax!…..Why?
Great price/value, high-quality, very roomy for just ourselves, nicely detailed with useful hardware, easy maintenance/set-up, amazingly light-weight, compact for transport/storage (no need to tow anything; fits an apartment closet).
Many of the “extras” we thought we’d be paying for were included, such as: inflatable floor option (our dogs’ nails cannot puncture), painted marine plywood seats; one of them with a pillow-top/zippered bag compartment, Canada Transport certified, bumper-to-bumper warranty…. to name just a few.

Many thanks for your service(s) and extensive knowledge. Our 330-HD is a show-stopper gem wherever we go.
We highly recommend your Seamax products/dealership.
Catherine Matheson and George Huard in Ottawa, Ontario.

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