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Impressed with how much gear we can pack into the boat!

Hi Gerry! Thought to send you a few pics of our boat! Here it sits at Babine Lake BC We used a bit of gear which fit in the boat nicely and caught some rainbow trout. We used a 15 HP motor which was a bit heavy but once it was on the boat was easy to steer. We bought rod holders and attached them to the seats as well which aided us in trolling for fish. We find using this boat is great for lake fishing. We haven’t tried river fishing yet as we are still getting used to boating. We were on the Pacifac Ocean with this boat from Stewart BC. We couldn’t go to far as the water was a bit rough. We noticed that the bouyency of the boat is great as we can stand in it without much effort.

The first few time it took us awhile to set up and pack the boat. We were pretty good at it by the 5th try. We developed a good system as to who does what. You can see in one of the pictures we packed it up nice and neat. We were pretty proud So I had to take a picture. However we need to buy a two wheel pull cart for the bow area as we find the boat is to heavy with the motor. We were impressed with how much gear we can pack into the boat!

Take care Gerry and we are looking forward to using our boat again!

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