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I LOVE it!

Hi Gerry
Meaning to get back to you for a while now with some pictures and how I like the boat. I LOVE it! Your suggestion of using a camp chair for the rear was the right call. Ended up going with a Pico folding chair. I like to sit on the sides when going up & down rivers and use the chair for the lakes so the folding Pico chair works great for that. The cushion bags or nice but the bags them selves where they attach to the cushions were not stitched properly and were basically not connected to the seat. So I would say you need to give your supplier some crap there. Bad quality. The oars are nice except for the hole to connect the two together did not match up on one. I drilled it out but the result is a lose oar as the offset ended up making just one large slot. The pump you sent seems to work great. No issues at all. Only things I would add is a way to connect a safety chain or strap from the out board to the transom and a extra rub strip on the top of the tubes for those who carry the boat on a rack inflated up side down like me. Seen lots of boats carried the same way over the summer.
All in all the only major thing I would have done different is I would have gotten a smaller model as the 15′ is a bit to heavy to lift onto my trailer (see picture attached) and turned out to be bigger then we needed but other then that its great. I have attached some pictures. Tammy loves the pedestal front seat as it allows her to have excellent room for casting and the ability to tend to the little girls. Had a lot of fun with this boat and thanks for the great hassle free experience purchasing it. I have recommended your boats many times so far.

Best regards

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