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Seamax 12V Electric Trolling Motor, 62 Pound Thrust, 40 Inch Shaft, 8 Speeds




1). SEAMAX trolling motors are designed and developed by professional engineers and have been continually developed over a number of years. There is a wide range of SEAMAX outboard motors, making from 40lbs trust through to 86lbs trust, available on short shaft and long shaft models, to suit every customer’s requirements and application.

2). FIRST TIME RUNNING: (a) Place Electric Outboard onto the back of the vessel in the Stow away position. Loosely tighten Transom Mounting Screws till they grip the Transom Mount. Press the Tilt Lever and slowly let the motor enter the water. (b) Use the Depth Adjuster Collar to adjust the height of motor (Recommend running depth between 150mm and 300mm below the waterline). (c) When you are satisfied that the motor is at a safe depth and isn’t too close or in danger of hitting the bottom of the lake, river or other water ways you may proceed to tighten the Transom Mounting Screws. (d) Once this is done, it should be safe to connect the battery to the motor. Ensure that the twist grip is in the neutral position and that the nuts are tight on the terminals to prevent a poor connection. (e) Select the desired speed and direction using twist grip on the tiller arm.

3). Power Cable – If extending the standard battery cable supplied with the product, SEAMAX recommends the use of 13mm2 wires (6-gauge wire, AWG).

4). Raising the Motor – It is recommended to disconnect the battery before carrying out this procedure to prevent accidental running of the motor. To raise the motor out of the water push and hold the tilt lever and with the other hand push down on the end of the handle to bring the motor up and out of the water. Then release the tilt lever to lock in place.

Key Features

1). 62lb Thrust, DC 12V input. 40″ shaft. Adjustable shaft for long shaft and short shaft transom. Good for inflatable boat and aluminum boat as electric trolling motor. Telescoping Tiller Handle with Adjustable Angle +/- 30 degree. Free circuit breaker with the motor. Battery level meter with LED light built in.

2). Transom mounting bracket with Quick released design; Solid aluminum motor head, 3 blade prop made by nylon & glass fiber and installed with lock pin. Zinc installed on the motor shaft, and Stainless steel hardware for saltwater & freshwater use. Seamax Limited Warranty provides the coverage for up to two (2) years from the date purchase.

3). Speed Control – Rotate handle clockwise to obtain any of the 5 forward speeds. Rotate handle anticlockwise for any of the 3 reverse speeds. To stop the motor from running, position the handle following the arrow marker and position on level 0. Intuitive 5” telescoping handle & 360° turning, Stainless steel hardware for saltwater & freshwater use.

4). Adjusting Motor Depth Position – Adjust the depth collar, so the propeller blades will be submerged 150mm – 300mm (6inches – 12inches) below the water’s surface. Recommended battery(s): 12V Deep Cycle Marine Batter (24/27/31DC). To extend running time, either purchase a larger capacity or an additional battery can be used. If you want to build the battery group, Please make sure all connection right.

5) Circuit Protection – Free to have a manual reset circuit breaker in the electric outboard motor leads within 1.8m (72 Inches) of the battery(s). Using a circuit breaker could extend up to 2 times of electric motor’s life time in average. Don’t forget to read the manual of motor’s circuit breaker installation standard.

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